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How long have you been going through the motions and settling for less than you know you deserve? We believe wellness should be a way of life not a second thought. We'll show you how to thrive instead of survive from day one so you can feel your best and enjoy your life.

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hey mama.

As mothers we all want to unlock our best self and raise happy, healthy children.  We know that it doesn't happen by chance, it happens by bringing consistent intention to the areas of our life.  The habits and lifestyle we model become instilled in our children. The choices we make daily can either contribute positively or negatively to this.  It's up to you to make the choice to invest in yourself if you want your little one to have the best start possible. 

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How Healthy Are You Really?

Get a holistic picture of your overall wellness, find the missing piece to a lifestyle that loves you back, unlock your best self, and bring in more joy.

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We know that sustaining a healthy diet and lifestyle for the long term can be challenging. The fact is, you deserve better guidance than what you are currently getting. Each woman’s needs are unique and the support you receive should be tailored to you. 


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Say goodbye to those sad, outdated prenatal and motherhood classes. We're taking you from overwhelmed to I got this with a new wave of education you won't find anywhere else.  You'll learn how to break habits and start getting healthier everyday with a community that motivates you.


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“Honestly, this program helped open my eyes to a cleaner way of eating, prioritizing
life and balancing what’s important.”



I'm Alexa, certified integrative health coach and your go-to guide here for all things holistic motherhood.

I created Holistic Motherhood to guide women through pregnancy, new motherhood, and beyond with a blueprint that shows you how to thrive from day one.  You'll create a lifestyle you love and feel empowered in your role to navigate this phase with more confidence, less stress, and better support.

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Get our 5 mommy and toddler approved plant based recipes you can make in 5 minutes with your little ones.  Perfect for a snack or on the go option. Don't be surprised if you hide them for yourself. Simple never tasted so delicious!


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