Redefining Wellness As A Way Of Life

We believe generations flourish when families grow together and our mothers are loved, nourished, and have the time to truly bloom. We're passionate about planting the seeds for a more holistic motherhood experience from day one. Our goal is to redefine the framework of education to help women confidently create a healthy lifestyle from the start and empower them to make the best informed choices for their family. Let’s cocreate something beautiful together, shall we?


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We believe nourishing your body is the foundation of health. You'll find a functional whole foods approach focusing on essential nutrients during each phase that nourish mother & child so they thrive from day one.

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What we do to the Earth, we do ourselves.  We believe everything is connected.  Our mission is to help mothers transform their lives from autopilot to intentional and become aware of how everyday choices impact well-being.

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Intuitive Wellness

We take an approach to life that considers the whole you rooted in the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Each woman's transformation is unique and their care should be too.  We provide guidance of improving body awareness and the ability to listen to oneself.

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I'm Alexa, certified integrative health coach and your go-to guide here for all things holistic motherhood.

I created Holistic Motherhood to guide women through pregnancy, new motherhood, and beyond with a blueprint that shows you how to thrive from day one.  You'll create a lifestyle you love and feel empowered in your role to navigate this phase with more confidence, less stress, and better support.

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No other human experience leads to such radical transformation as that of becoming a mother. For society to be well and prosper, the mothers must be fully supported and healthy—in every sense of the word. Yet motherhood is given such little recognition and our mothers and their children are falling through the cracks of the current system.

My superpower is helping women become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with abundant freedom, joy, and health. 

- julie

"When it comes to passion and commitment to the hard things, she is a mighty force. Her love for children, women and wellness fuels her movement."

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- tina

"Sometimes in life you meet these magical people.  People that see your heart and love you for who you are.  People that are doing amazing things for the world.   She's one of those people."

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- sydney

"Alexa inspired me to trust my journey, find strength in my own spirit, and embrace the beauty that this world is constantly offering us!"

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Get our 5 mommy and toddler approved plant based recipes you can make in 5 minutes with your little ones.  Perfect for a snack or on the go option. Don't be surprised if you hide them for yourself. Simple never tasted so delicious!


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